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                     On a family day out, Amy Richards - mother, wife, fan of scones and Pinot Grigio - has a brainwave on how best to celebrate her fiftieth birthday year:

I must experiment and experience... challenge myself and get to know myself better. It's time to break out of my comfort zone and try out new things... when I am old, I must be able to shout 'Je ne regrette rien!'.

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                     Where did you get the idea for 51 Weeks?

The initial thought came to me whilst I was enjoying a mug of tea and people watching in Ventnor, on the Isle of Wight. I was contemplating what it meant to be middle-aged and the idea of having '51 things to do when you're 50' entered my head. Then the fun started!

Are you Amy?

Everybody asks me this! 51 Weeks is definitely not autobiographical but I do love a good scone and a glass or two of wine with my friends.

How did you do your research?

Many of the ideas for 51 Weeks came from my imagination whilst driving to and from work, taking a shower or walking Cosmo, the family Cockapoo. Friends have been an amazing source of knowledge and information too.

I'd love to write a book. Is it easy and when do you get the time to write?

I wouldn't say I've found it easy and it's taken over three years to produce something that I am happy to share share openly. It's been easy to write... it's been a challenge to turn 51 challenges into an "unputdownable" pacey novel with depth.

The themes of the novel appeal to a wide audience. What was your aim here?

I write about real life. Relationships, marriage, death, betrayal, change... it affects us all.

Who is Geoff based on?

A work colleague test read 51 Weeks for me and said "Geoff is a rotter... unfortunately I know many men just like him." That sums it up.

What do you love the most about the book?

My test readers said that 51 Weeks inspired them to contemplate their own lives and set their own challenges. How cool is that!

Have you tried out any of Amy's challenges?

Yes I have, ha!

What do you feel about everyone reading your work?

It's scary and exhilarating at the same time. But, how could I leave it languishing on my PC?

We want to find out what Amy, her friends, family and Him do next! Are you writing a sequel?

I have tons of ideas for a sequel and a prequel and I'd love to explore what Amy and her friends get up to next. I've decided that my readership should help create the storyline if they want to. So, buy it, read it and give me lots of feedback!